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Manager:   Chris Slater
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Rec Rumble Weekend Schedule
Our first game is Friday at 6 PM on Field 8. Please be there by 5:30, as we will distribute jerseys/hats and have a quick practice before the game starts. I also will have picture forms to pass out, as we will be taking team pictures the next day. Which leads me to Saturday's schedule...... For Saturday (the schedule is a little nuts, but should be fun): Our picture is scheduled for 11 AM. Let's plan on meeting at Field 7 (where we practiced today) at 10:45 AM. Please bring the filled out picture forms (that I will pass out Friday), and have the kids dressed in their baseball gear. The picture schedule is on Opening ceremonies are scheduled to begin at NOON. Please arrive at Field 1 by 11:45 AM, as we will be going out on the field as a team. Our game time has changed, and is now at 2:30 PM on Field 7. I have a free lunch voucher for each child, so I will give them to you and you can eat either before or after the opening ceremony. Let's try to get to the field by 2:15, as I don't think we will be practicing with such a hectic schedule. For Sunday: We have a game scheduled for 1:30 PM on Field 8. There is a game right before ours, so we will not be able to have an official practice. Please try to be there by 1 PM, but no later than 1:15. Field 8 is the field that was directly next to the one we practiced on today.
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